Euthia: Torment of Resurrection

Strategic open-world sandbox RPG game for 1-4 players. Choose between 6 unique heroes and embark on an epic fantasy adventure, struggling against the dark powers that torment the land.

A Gamefound campaign for a new big-box expansion, Euthia: Fierce Powers, will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Infinite Replayability

Start exploring 8 different scenarios with over 60 modular map tiles that will ensure that each game will pose unique gameplay challenges. Play as one of 6 different characters, each with a wide variety of talents to choose from. Together with hundreds of different items you can possibly equip, you will create a fresh character build every time you play.

Sandbox RPG Adventure

There are no limits to what you can do in the game, as there is no clear winning strategy. Do what you feel up to, and write your own story each time you play. Mine resources, fight monsters, sell spoils of war, level up your hero, gain powerful abilities, liberate settlements, buy new equipment, encounter elementals, discover treasures, complete quests… become a hero.

Strategic Gameplay

Very high level of player interaction and a challenging solo gameplay ensures you’ll be constantly on your toes. Managing your resources well and adapting to an ever-changing environment is the key to success on an open world map. The amount of options you have in the game will make you think hard about how to spend the actions you have available in each turn.